Vidani daemonis

"What's with this.... sassy lost child?" - Someone, inevitably.

Name: Vidani Daemonis
Race: Xaela, Au Ra
Age: 20
Gender: Female, she/her pronouns
Orientation: Pansexual, but with a male presenting preference.
Marital status: Sexy, single, and ready to mingle. Relationships hard.
Height: 4'9"
Build: Slim and petite, pettanko wife of your dreams.
Hair: Black, wavy hair with blue highlights.
Skin: Dark blue skin, with blue, almost star like freckles along her face.

Head pats collected: 45


A trash goblin in a cute, Xaela body, Vidani's appearance does not give away the raunchy attitude she's capable of dishing out. Vulgar, sassy, and a flirt, Vidani is by no means a push over, and is mostly here for a good time. A nice drink, a rabble of outrageous stories from equally outrageous drunkards, a romp in the sheets; all are things she regularly partakes in, before going off to a new city to experience the same.

Despite her sometimes unbecoming nature, she has an uncanny knack of being... Somehow charming. Her small stature might exude an air of 'cuteness', which she's not against using to get her way. Vidani is by no means genuinely malicious, and will not go out of her way to hurt someone. Again, she's just here to have a good time and enjoy freedom. Isn't that what everyone wants from life?

She doesn't talk much about where she came from, or her childhood. Not necessarily because it's something that's upsetting to her, but because that's the past, and why bother with the past when there's the present to experience instead!

Vidani comes and goes, but might be commonly seen in places where a lot of people gather, sometimes staking out the place or listening to the frequent chit chat that goes on in these places. Where she goes to sleep when it's not someone else's bed is a mystery.

She doesn't seem the type to be able to fight, but she's pretty capable of using some dancer weapons and showing some people a thing or two. But it never gets to that.


Vulgar: Vidani might be a little bit too much for some people. She's not afraid of speaking her mind, and that slip of the tongue might include some less than savory statements or observations. Cursing might be peppered into conversations casually, or she might tease and prod someone who is a little uptight. Again, not out of maliciousness, but because it's fun! She will get along well with people that are equally as boisterous.

Fun loving: Ever eager to have a good time, Vidani prefers to have company that is equally as eager. People that are a drag or consistently troublesome might make her exasperated, to the point where she might even prod them or tell them to "loosen up a little". She thinks life is much better having a good time than it is moping over something. Everyone gets sad, but Vidani thinks that that should be short lived, as one can never know what sort of things the future can hold! And you might miss it if you're busy moping all the time!

Relatively good natured: Vidani enjoys having a good time, and while that might sometimes come at the expense of someone else, it's never done out of maliciousness. Someone being prudish or snobby might get the brunt of her sassy attitude, and those that treat her unkindly will be met with unkindness in turn, but she is not one for absolutely going out of her way to hurt someone's feelings. Malicious and "evil" acts are not things she's interested in doing, and causing harm to innocent people might make her less than eager to interact with you. Everyone deserves the right to freedom and enjoying their lives, so the people that would readily take that away from someone are No Good in her book. ... Not that that would stop her if someone is REALLY attractive. Listen, she's shallow sometimes.

Selfish: She will put herself first. There is very little chance she might put herself in danger for you, instead opting to save her own skin. IF she really likes you, she might try to think of a way to help you out, but if you got yourself into some troublesome mess, then that's on you. Because of her selfish nature, she cares a lot more about making things fun for herself. It's her way or the highway, and that might put her at odds with people that are just as stubborn as she is. While she might not hold ill will to someone who holds their own, and might even enjoy playful banter, this personality trait might make someone less inclined to befriend her.

Honest(??): Your mileage may very. If you are looking for someone to tell you how it is, or to give you an outside perspective when something is eating away at you, or to just tell you when you're being a dumbass, Vidani will be that person. If you ASK her to be honest in that regard, she will absolutely indulge you. Someone being an asshole? She will say so. Someone being stupid? She will let it known. Does she not like the situation she is in? Get ready for some complaining.

Secretive: Despite the "honesty", Vidani is actually pretty secretive. She won't give someone information about her home life, her background, where she came from or the like. Trying to pick away at the walls around this girl will take a lot of doing, and it might not even be worth it. Why bother? Surface Vidani is so much fun!


-Food and meat

-Stars, night time and space


-Shiny stuff

-Tall guys and girls ( not that that's hard )


-Winter and snow, surprisingly. She seems particularly fond of Ishgard.



-Stick in the muds


-Most veggies by themselves

-Being bored/people being boring

-Getting touched without her permission

-Being told what to do outside of the bedroom

-Being treated or likened to a child


She's basically a tsundere.


None yet.

OOC and Contact

Hi there! I go by Jash/Jashin and I use she/her pronouns. I'm very new to rping on an MMO, and have just gotten into FFXIV. I am NOT new to rping, however, and have been doing so since I was a teenager on multiple websites. From Myspace, to LJ, to Twitter, to Tumblr, and beyond, I'd been kicking for a while. Here are some rules!

1. 18+ partners only! Preferably muns over the age of 21+. I'm nearly 26, so rping with newly turned 18 year olds is a little weird to me, but I won't kick you to the curb about it. I will very much refuse to roleplay with anyone under 18, even with simple content, so please don't approach me if you are a minor!

2. I am pretty okay with rping just about everything! Casual, dark, adult, crack. There is just about nothing that will upset me, and I very much doubt there will need to be a line drawn regarding content I am okay with portraying. If something does bother me, rest assured that I would be sure to let you know! Likewise, please give me the same courtesy and communicate if something in a scene/topic upsets you! I'm okay with fudging lore for the sake of having fun ( which is fine, I know the bare minimum from doing the MSQs, so pwease no buwwy ).

3. Please keep in mind that I am new to the game, and I am relatively new to rping on MMOs in general! I did very little rping in GW2. Be patient with me. ;^; I might ask questions or might not know how to do things properly, while I gain my footing, or ask questions in general. I had done research on how to RP on here, and a good majority of my friends are veterans, so I might ask them more often than not.

4. OOC=/=IC: God, please. I shouldn't have to say this but sometimes it just be that way. I am not my characters, my character's views aren't my own, and if my character is a little shit to your's, please know that I don't hate you oocly! I've come from Tumblr RP where this was very prevalent, so I may be a little cautious to do much RP that might be dark. While I LOVE dark RP, I tend to worry that my partner might take things personally. I've seen some shit. I love making friends though, and I'm very nice and sometimes very shy, so feel free to chat with me about whatever! In line with this... If you are the type of person who would judge someone's morals or character based on the fictional content they roleplay with other consenting muns, then please do not interact with me. I do not want to interact or associate with anti-adjacent, purity culture ideology or people who fall in line with that type of thinking. I am adamantly pro-shippers/pro-freedom-to-explore-fictional-shit-yes-even-the-fucked-up-shit, and that will never change.

5. Romance????!!! Character relationships?? I'm a sucker for some fluff. Despite being a shameless flirt, Vidani may not be the type to settle down, so relationships will definitely be a slow burn. Casual FWBs are something she is more used to. A relationship is not the end goal with my RPing, but it's definitely not something I'm against! I might be kinda iffy if the sole purpose of interaction is for a relationship. Don't just woo Vidani, woo me too! >:) ( Kidding! My GF would kill me. ) Slow burn is good! While I'm okay with adult RP, I don't want to focus only on ERP. Vidani may be a thot that is way too raunchy for her own good, but I do want to do more than just RP smut. I'm also relatively shy nowadays, so I'd like to at least get to know the mun first before our characters bump uglies! If you come up to me asking for ERP for the first RP we do, I'm going to decline, no matter how hot your character is. Vidani would want to so bad. But I suck.. I'm not good at writing smut! Drawing it, on the other hand...

6. I do do art on the side for commissions and as a hobby! Please don't befriend me with the sole purpose of getting art from me! I can barely draw things for my own GF and friends. :( BUT if we are friends, and we do RP a bit, I might end up doodling your character!

Sorry for the long OOC page! If you have any questions, feel free to reach me at Vidani Daemonis in game, on the Balmung server, or on L'sta Tia on Balmung as well. L'sta's card is here! You can even contact me on discord at: Jashin ✰彡#8888 ! Please understand if I'm a little cautious, however. I am very shy, and kind of nervous to RP here, but I'm also very excited! Thanks for reading! <3

Have some babs.